Nadal: "I didn't want Roger Federer to win the Roland Garros!"

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Nadal: "I didn't want Roger Federer to win the Roland Garros!"
Nadal: "I didn't want Roger Federer to win the Roland Garros!" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Rafael Nadal spoke at length about his rivalry with Roger Federer during a recent interview. The Spaniard shared a curious anecdote concerning the Roland Garros 2009 final won by Roger Federer. Nadal explained: "Like everything, the relationship between Roger Federer and me went through different phases.

It was great from the start and has grown stronger over the years. At some point in our careers, we realized how many special moments we had lived together. We understood that our personal relationship was more important than our professional one.

Working together in the Players' Council has helped to bring us closer together, because we have always had the common goal of making tennis grow." Rafa then revealed a background on Federer's triumph at Roland Garros 2009: "At the time, I didn't want Roger to win that final, I have to be honest.

We were in the midst of our rivalry and were playing for the top position in the ATP ranking. If he had won that tournament, he probably would have passed me. At the same time, I've always been a sports lover. I had beaten Federer in the final in Paris in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

He was doing everything to win the only Grand Slam he missed and had already come close several times. I get excited thinking back to that day. Sportively for me it was bad that he won, but if he deserved it. "

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at the Laver Cup

Although not having an easy time, Rafael Nadal still flew to London to 'say goodbye' to his friend and great rival Roger Federer.

The Spanish champion took part in the King's last match, which took place last Friday at the Laver Cup. The 36-year-old from Manacor was unable to hold back tears during the ceremony honoring the Swiss, with whom he created one of the most exciting rivalries in the history of sport.

Their friendship has grown stronger over the years, so much so that Rafa's tears literally went around the world. The last few months have not been easy for the Majorcan, as his wife Xisca entered the last phase of her pregnancy and had to go to the hospital as a precaution.

Nadal also tore his abs at Wimbledon and then again at the US Open, where he was unable to move beyond the round of 16.

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