Rafael Nadal marks a new amazing record!

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Rafael Nadal marks a new amazing record!

Rafael Nadal's 2022 was undoubtedly an extraordinary year. The Majorcan champion had returned from a long and heavy injury and among the fans many were questioning his future. Once again, as has often been the case throughout his career, Nadal has proved everyone wrong, winning big and beating his rivals again.

Nadal has won several tournaments in this 2022, he has been one step away from returning to number one but above all he has won two Grand Slam titles, the Australian Open and his beloved Roland Garros. The return to Australia, after months of absence, must be counted among the best 'comebacks' in the recent history of tennis, then Rafa managed to win in Paris, among other things taking a big rematch during the tournament against great rival Novak Djokovic.

For a few weeks, the Iberian tennis player's fans even hoped for the Grand Slam by completing the entire season with four Grand Slams but physical problems slowed everything down and Rafa retired without entering the field in the Wimbledon semi-final against Australian Nick Kyrgios.

A few days ago we saw Rafa again on the pitch, we saw him in tears to greet and say goodbye to his long-time friend and rival Roger Federer. The Swiss said goodbye to the world of tennis and did so by playing a duo match in the Laver Cup with Rafa Nadal.

The last great act of the Fedal, a moving moment for all tennis fans.

The umpteenth great record of Rafa Nadal

The numbers celebrating Rafael Nadal's greatness and longevity are indisputable but this week Rafa has achieved yet another extraordinary achievement in his career.

Rafael Nadal has reached 900 consecutive weeks in the top 50 in the world, a number that shows the continuity and longevity of Nadal. Only Federer over the course of his career has done better with 1126 consecutive weeks in the world Top 50.

Nadal is ahead of Jimmy Connors, Novak Djokovic, the record continues for him in fourth place, John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl.

Here are the specific data:

Roger Federer 1126
Rafael Nadal 900
Jimmy Connors 874
Novak Djokovic 829
John McEnroe 827
Ivan Lendl 804