Ex-American tennis star weighs in on Rafael Nadal being very emotional at Laver Cup

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Ex-American tennis star weighs in on Rafael Nadal being very emotional at Laver Cup

Former American tennis player Jan-Michael Gambill thought Rafael Nadal was partly so emotional during Roger Federer's retirement because he probably started thinking about the day when he would have to call it a career.

After teaming up with Federer in his final match, Nadal broke down in tears. "Rafa was so emotional. Part of it is the friendship they developed competing with him and the other side might be just seeing that the end is in sight for all these guys," Gambill said on Tennis Channel's Inside-in podcast.

"Not anytime soon hopefully but the Big-4 that were there know their own mortality when they see a guy like Roger who we have associated with the game so long and if he retires then, unfortunately, it won't be much longer for everybody to play at that level and age."

Nadal refuses to quit

Nadal, 36, has had a rough time with injuries over the last year. This season, Nadal was hampered by foot, rib, and abdominal injuries. Even though Nadal is 36 and often plagued by injuries, he still loves the game and wants to play for as long as he can.

"I would like to say goodbye on the court, that's for sure. But you never know what the future may bring. And, well, it is obvious that I have also had a very long career, that I feel the love and support of many people all over the world, but we will see how it will be," Nadal said.

"Right now I don't think about it because when you already start thinking about it, it is because something doesn't work in the day-to-day, right? And although my body in recent times has not worked in my day-to-day, my head tells me that I still want this to continue and we will see until when."