When Rafael Nadal was stopped by security in Paris

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When Rafael Nadal was stopped by security in Paris

Back in 2017, Rafael Nadal was stopped by a security guard in the Paris-Bercy complex. The guard didn't recognize Nadal and had to ask him who he was. After the 14-time French Open winner spelled his name, he was let in. Watch the video of the moment below.

Rafael Nadal is back in Paris to compete for the title.

Paris Masters' boss on Nadal

Although Paris Masters event director Cedric Pioline acknowledges that Rafael Nadal is sometimes handicapped by physical concerns during this time of year, he believes this might be the year when the Spaniard finally wins it all at Bercy.

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It was in the round of 16 that he actually lost, if I'm not mistaken. He's trying to be top one. He's never hoisted the trophy here. Maybe it could be a first time for him. Why not?" Pioline said, per Sportskeeda. We're accustomed to being surprised by his achievements.

Like Roland Garros, we would think that he will not win, and he finds a great energy at the last moment," Pioline added. This week, Rafael Nadal will compete in the Paris Masters for the eighth time. The Spaniard has yet to win the famous indoor event, having lost the championship fight on his debut in 2007 and four times since then.

Due to an injury, Nadal did not compete in Paris in 2021, and his previous appearance was in 2020. Rafa advanced to the semi-finals, where he squared off against Alexander Zverev for a spot in the title match. Nadal was not at his best in the previous rounds, and Zverev capitalized with a 6-4, 7-5 triumph.

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