Rafael Nadal opens up on difficulties of leaving home now that he is a father

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Rafael Nadal opens up on difficulties of leaving home now that he is a father

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal admitted that leaving his home and son was hard as he is interested in seeing how will he adapt to his new situation. Last month, Nadal and his wife welcomed their first child, a baby boy.

After spending three weeks with his wife and newborn son, Nadal had to leave home for the Paris Masters. After the Paris Masters, Nadal also plans to play the ATP Finals, which are taking place between November 13-20. For at least the next three weeks, Nadal will be away from home.

“It has always been tough to leave home, honestly, and this time a different approach to usual,” Nadal said, per Tennis Majors.

Nadal on adapting to the new situation

“It’s quite interesting how, even after two or three weeks knowing him, even if you can’t interact that much with a three weeks baby, you start missing him.

It’s a new life experience. All the changes are difficult in this life, and you need to adapt. Every change of this kind, it’s difficult to adapt for me, to be honest. I think it will be more complicated, logically.

I have to be more flexible. It’s something unique compared to anything in the past," Nadal explained. While on the road, Nadal will be seeing his wife and baby on FaceTime. Even though FaceTime can't replace the warmth of home, Nadal is glad that the technology has improved so he will be able to see his son and wife even at least through video calls.

“The life of the ones travelling is less difficult than the life of people staying at home with the baby. And at the same time, it is true that we are lucky today that, with the technology, everything, we can do video calls any time that you want, so that helps. My friends who had babies in the past didn’t have this option," Nadal added.