Jimmy Connors: "Rafael Nadal's fatherhood will bring changes"

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Jimmy Connors: "Rafael Nadal's fatherhood will bring changes"

2022 was a truly extraordinary year for Spanish champion Rafael Nadal. The 22-times Slam winner has won two Grand Slam titles, the Australian Open and Roland Garros, becoming the first male tennis player in history to reach 22 Grand Slam titles.

This and not only because Rafa also had great news from his private life, with the birth of his first child, and of Maria Francisca Perello, on 8 October 2022. Now the Mallorcan tennis player, after a disappointing test in Paris Bercy, is at I work to end the season in the best possible way, perhaps trying to win those Atp Finals that are missing from his immense bulletin board.

During his podcast, former American tennis player Jimmy Connors talked about Rafael Nadal and his fatherhood, who, according to him, will help him for the rest of his career.

Jimmy Connors on Rafael Nadal's fatherhood

The former US tennis player continued talking about Rafa's future and said: "He is a bit older and we can say that this year things have been really good for him.

In addition, Rafa has always played less at the end of the year and can enjoy his son quietly and get through the next two months, then he can prepare for tournaments in Australia or whatever his next event is." Connors explained how paternity can affect Nadal's career and, in an optimistic way, said: "It's new, but I don't want to interpret it in a negative way also because I believe that Rafa can manage it.

In any case, he will have to make some changes if he wants to continue training and playing. He is a worker and in the coming months we will understand the situation better. For me it was different, I was 26 when I became a father, it was different.

It took me two years to find the right balance between fatherhood and my role as a tennis player. Rafa is much older and has a great career behind him."