Dominic Thiem reveals how it felt to share locker room with Rafael Nadal & Big Four

Thiem grew up watching and idolizing the Big Four, then became a tennis pro.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dominic Thiem reveals how it felt to share locker room with Rafael Nadal & Big Four

Dominic Thiem, 29, admitted that he was a bit awkward when first time sharing the locker room with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. When Thiem started his career, the Big Four were by far the four biggest names in the game.

At first, being around the Big Four felt surreal for Thiem. “Actually that must be the first time when I’ve been in the same locker room with Rafa, Roger, Novak, Andy you know, I mean you see these guys when you’re only 10 years old in the TV and then you are next to them in the locker room and they kind of don’t know what to say, you’re like, ‘Oh!

Who is that?’, I mean I didn’t even know that those guys were real. So that’s pretty embarrassing, not for them, but for me,” Thiem said on Tennis Channel.

Thiem then made a name for himself in the tennis world

Now, Thiem is a four-time Grand Slam finalist and he has one Major title.

Also, Thiem has been ranked as high as No 3 in the world. Unfortunately, the past two seasons were rough and challenging for Thiem. After being out for 10 months due to a wrist injury, Thiem made his comeback in late March.

Thiem lost his first seven matches after returning, but then made three ATP semifinals in the second part of the season. "Hi all. After the loss at home this week, the official ATP season is over for me. The past two years were tough, but I’m so glad and thankful it’s going in the right direction.

Without all your support throughout this time, my comeback wouldn’t be possible. Also, I want to thank all my partners who support me in good and bad times. Now it’s time to rest and prepare for the 2023 season," Thiem tweeted in late October.

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