Rafael Nadal: Maybe ask Novak Djokovic to send 2012 AO trophy or something

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Rafael Nadal: Maybe ask Novak Djokovic to send 2012 AO trophy or something

Rafael Nadal has responded to Casper Ruud's wish as the Spaniard jokingly suggested he should maybe ask Novak Djokovic to give him the 2012 Australian Open trophy. This week, Ruud - who grew up watching and idolizing Nadal - was asked if he could change the outcome of one match, which match would it be.

Ruud answered he would change the outcome of the 2012 Australian Open final, in which Nadal fell just short to Djokovic after five hours and 53 minutes of action. "Maybe we can call Novak. I'm not sure if he'll accept.

Maybe he can send the trophy or something," Nadal said.

Ruud had a hard time digesting Nadal's loss to Djokovic

Nadal and Djokovic delivered one of the best matches in the 21st century when they clashed in the 2012 Australian Open.

After nearly six hours of play, Djokovic edged out Nadal 5-7 6-4 6-2 6-7 (5) 7-5. Ruud, who watched the match from the beginning until the end, felt sad for days after Nadal's loss. "I think I can say for Rafa. I wish I could change one result in the history of tennis and I don't know if he'll be angry or happy for me saying this.

It's not the Roland Garros final this year because it was not a very close match but Rafa's Australian Open loss in 2012 against Novak. I was probably even sadder than himself because that was watching six hours of TV and hoping Rafa would win and then it was probably one of the best matches ever.

I think for days, I was still sad about the loss for him and I still wish today that he could have won. This might bring back bad memories for him, but this is something I wish I could change and still believe," Ruud said. Now, Ruud is playing against Nadal in a series of matches across Latin America.