'Rafael Nadal gets a little bit of a lead-up', says top analyst

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'Rafael Nadal gets a little bit of a lead-up', says top analyst

Casper Ruud is not worried about his form ahead of the Latin American Tour. Ruud, who has reached two Grand Slam finals this year, last competed at the ATP Finals, where he reached the final before losing to Novak Djokovic.

Now, Ruud will face Rafael Nadal in Latin America. On Wednesday, Ruud and Nadal will start the Latin American tour in Buenos Aires. On November 25, Nadal will face Chile's Alejandro Tabilo in Santiago. Ruud and Nadal will then meet four more times in Belo Horizonte, Quito, Bogotá and Mexico City.

"It is an honor for me to be invited to the Latin American tour with Rafa. I'm not going to say that he's going to be very demanding. I think he's going to be a lot of fun. Let's see when he comes back. I'll still have plenty of days to recover from jet lag and whatever.

I guess we are more used than perhaps other people to travel, to fly a lot. Jet lag, luckily, is easier going there, but it's when you come back that it kills you. Hopefully I'll be there in time to have a few good days of training and relax a bit before heading to Australia.

But let's see how the body reacts. It was difficult for me to come from the United States to Europe, then I had the Laver Cup, the Davis Cup and then directly to Asia, which was very difficult for me. I hope I learned something from that journey," Ruud said, according to Tennis Majors.

In early June, Ruud faced Nadal in his first Grand Slam final at the French Open. After losing to Nadal in the French Open final Ruud was also beaten by Nadal at the ATP Finals in Turin, it remains to be seen how Ruud will fare against Nadal during the Latin American tour.

Nadal is a former World No.1

Speaking on the Tennis Channel Inside-In podcast recently, sportswriter Chris Oddo reflected on Rafael Nadal's season, saying that if he can find his top fitness level in 2023, he will be the player to beat.

"We forget Rafa because not much has happened for him off-late, the injuries kind of caught up with him, he became a father, and a lot of things happened. But two Slams at the beginning of the year and I think what he proved to me and what I think is still going to be true going forward is that if Rafa can find a way to get that diesel engine going and get to peak fitness where he's comfortable with the surface, where he's going to be playing, he gets a little bit of a lead-up, his body's not giving him issues, if he peaks, he can beat anybody and do the damage.

He can do that again next year. I think it's going to be harder for him to sign that peak fitness but if he's got it and he's thriving in his body, he can be the best,"Oddo said.