Gabriela Sabatini reacts to playing mixed doubles with Rafael Nadal


Gabriela Sabatini reacts to playing mixed doubles with Rafael Nadal

1990 US Open champion Gabriela Sabatini said it was "a dream" to play alongside Rafael Nadal and also added it was an honor for her to play against Casper Ruud. This week in Buenos Aires, Nadal and Ruud clashed against each other in a singles match.

The event also featured a mixed doubles match between Sabatini and Nadal versus Ruud and Gisela Dulko. Only one set was played as Sabatini and Nadal won 6-4. "Unforgettable night, being next to @RafaelNadal was a dream, I have enormous admiration for him as an athlete and even more as a person.

Having @CasperRuud98 face to face was something incredible and sharing all this with #GiselaDulko was wonderful," Sabatini wrote on Twitter.

Nadal enjoyed playing with Sabatini

Sabatini, a former world No 3, was one of the biggest tennis names in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“It’s a unique feeling to play here. Maybe I wasn’t here as many times as I would have liked. But it will always be in my heart that after 2005, when I played for the first time, my career started to go up.

Having the opportunity to play with Casper, who is a great player, No 3 in the world, a good friend and an excellent person, and also to play with Gisela and Gaby, two referents of Argentine and Latin tennis in the last 20 years, was a pleasure," Nadal said.

While in Buenos Aires, Nadal was asked about Argentina's chances at the Qatar World Cup. Nadal, who is known as a big football fan, noted that Argentina is always a candidate to win the biggest football events. "I still think that Argentina is a candidate to win the World Cup.

There are teams with a tad of advantage over the others: Argentina, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany. But any team will have options. It cannot be predicted. As a Spaniard I trust us," Nadal explained.

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