Rafael Nadal reveals 'the main thing' for him at this stage of his career

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Rafael Nadal reveals 'the main thing' for him at this stage of his career

World No 2 Rafael Nadal has underlined that "the main thing" for him right now is to be in full physical condition at Grand Slam and Masters events. Nadal, 36, dealt with injuries and physical setbacks throughout the entire 2022 season.

This year, Nadal battled rib, foot and abdominal injuries. Still, Nadal managed to win two Grand Slams and become a record 22-time Grand Slam champion. Staying injury-free for a longer period is almost impossible for Nadal, but he is trying to find ways to put himself in a position to be at his best at Grand Slams.

Nadal on 'the main thing' for him right now

"For me the main thing right now is to be able to get to the important tournaments in full physical condition. I continue to enjoy day-by-day and I continue to have goals that excite me at a professional level.

I’m going to try to achieve them until my body or mind says enough. At the moment, that hasn’t happened so I want to continue. I am happy doing what I do, I love competing on the big stages and the love of the people encouraged me to continue.

You can learn everything from Rafa–from any type of shot to mentality and professionalism,” Nadal explained, per Sportskeeda. Nadal currently owns a record 22 Grand Slams and Novak Djokovic is second with 21 Majors.

Roger Federer finished his career with 20 Grand Slams and he is out of the all-time Grand Slam record race. When asked about the Grand Slam race, Nadal insisted that is not something that is making him lose any sleep. "For me personally, it's something that doesn't make me lose sleep because I think the three of us have exceeded everything we could have imagined achieving.

With our results, we have taken this sport to a higher echelon and the debate about who is the GOAT is more a matter of the press," Nadal said.

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