Rafael Nadal: 'For me the main thing right now is...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'For me the main thing right now is...'

It is difficult to speculate on a date. Not surprisingly, on the eve of his 37th birthday, she has come close to the top of the rankings and has won two Slams. However, after the extraordinary South American tour, Rafael Nadal has confessed that he will probably no longer play in Mexico.

Hypothesis, we said, in which we can wallow thinking that the Spanish phenomenon will do everything possible to reach the 2024 Olympic Games, but will obviously avoid the less important tournaments. Or at least too many "500" on the calendar.

How did the South American tour end? Nadal ended his campaign against Casper Ruud with a rocky 4-1. He could only win by a double 6-4 in Quito. The match in Mexico City was very balanced, with a decidedly passive Ruud, and the precarious balance was broken in the decisive game and in the 4-4 between the two, the final 7-6 6-4 being quite emblematic.

The Spaniard also talked about how he is managing this particular phase of his career, inevitably appealing for parsimony in choosing the tournaments he plays. "Vanically, the important thing is to get to the most important tournaments in the best possible conditions.

That's why, at this point in my professional career, I have to make some evaluations and think differently," he explained, before saying goodbye, obviously. I felt at home, but I think the language helped me. I always carry good memories of when I was a child here.

The hospitality, the people, they always know how to have a good time and they don't lose their manners because of it."

Nadal on his 2023 season

Rafael Nadal, on Friday, bid an emotional farewell to Mexico City — the place where he won his first ATP 500 title way back in February 2005.

"It will most likely be the last time I play in Mexico, Acapulco 2023 is not on my calendar and the 2024 season seems far away. Now is the time to enjoy this moment to the fullest and play in an emblematic setting, with many people and in a country where I have always felt loved,” he said.

"It is an unforgettable feeling to live in such an environament in Mexico, I can only say thank you for the unconditional support, it is a country that has treated me like another Mexican. It's hard for me to say goodbye to you," he added.

"For me the main thing right now is to be able to get to the important tournaments in full physical condition. I continue to enjoy day-by-day and I continue to have goals that excite me at a professional level. I’m going to try to achieve them until my body or mind says enough. At the moment, that hasn’t happened so I want to continue,” he said.

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