Rafael Nadal: 'Having 20 or 21 makes no difference'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Having 20 or 21 makes no difference'

Rafael Nadal wrote history books in Melbourne this January, becoming the first player with 21 Major titles after leaving Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic on 20. Struggling with a foot injury, Nadal played only two matches after the last year's Roland Garros, wrapping up the season in August and hoping for a fresh start in 2022.

Unsure of what to expect, Rafa traveled to Melbourne determined to give his best at two tournaments and test his physical strength in the best-of-five format. As we all know, Nadal scored ten victories from ten matches at Melbourne Park, lifting two trophies and writing history.

Following the ATP 250 title, his first since May last year, Nadal conquered the first Australian Open crown since 2009 and secured his 21st Major. In a memorable final, Nadal trailed 6-2, 7-6, 3-2, 40-0 against world no. 2 Daniil Medvedev, with the fifth straight Australian Open final defeat looking inevitable.

However, the Spaniard bounced back and performed one of his most brilliant comebacks after a 2-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 7-5 triumph in five hours and 24 minutes!

Rafael Nadal spoke about his 21st Major title in Acapulco.

Thus, Rafa became the first player with 21 Major crowns and stopped the clock again after a massive setback and a terrible period in the previous six months.

Speaking about the Australian Open success ahead of Acapulco, Nadal admitted it did not make much of a difference to move from 20 Majors to 21. The Spaniard revealed it did not change his life, especially at this age and after many successful years on the Tour.

Rafa would win his 22nd Major crown a couple of months later at Roland Garros. "To be honest, nothing changed after winning the 21st Major title. Having 20 or 21 makes little difference. Life goes on the same as before. The one thing that has changed is that I'm now playing tennis, which I could not do a few months ago.

I'm thrilled about everything that happened in Australia, as I did not expect that. Nothing has changed in my life, and no title would cause that, as I know what is essential for me. At 35, and after a great experience in the past two decades and many ups and downs, I'm calm about my results on the court, even after the sensational one like in Melbourne," Rafael Nadal said.

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