Young ATP ace on the ferocity of Rafael Nadal's shots

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Young ATP ace on the ferocity of Rafael Nadal's shots

The next season will open with the United Cup. The new competition, which replaces the short-lived ATP Cup, is a new tournament by nations, which will be represented by ATP and WTA players of the same nationality. Once the groups have been defined, it's time to move on to the calls: for Spain, Rafael Nadal and Paula Badosa are present, the two number ones after Carlos Alcaraz's withdrawal from the tournament.

The Spanish team is completed by Pablo Carreño Busta, Nuria Párrizas, Albert Ramos, David Vega and Jessica Bouzas. The latter, interviewed by Marca, according to Sportskeeda, spoke about the United Cup: a competition in which she will be able to measure herself against the best players in Spain, including Rafael Nadal.

"I think I will learn a lot. I will see how the best Spanish players do things. I am lucky to be part of the team and I will be able to pay attention to all the details," said Bouzas. "It will be an experience in which I will learn from the best, I will be able to be with Rafa, Badosa, Párrizas and Albert Ramos".

The young Spanish tennis player will be in Australia to prepare for the qualifying phase of the Australian Open: "[The United Cup] will be the only thing [she plays] before the qualifying phase of the Australian Open. I'm so excited.

I want to do well, enjoy the experience and live in the moment. There has been a lot of effort and suffering to get here and it is time to enjoy it beyond the result". The Spaniards have already begun their preparation for the next competitive calendar, Nadal is working in Mallorca to be ready for the Australian tour, where he will have to defend the title in the first Grand Slam of the year, while Badosa is already in full preseason, doing physical work and on the court; two players who will be the leaders of their country in a tournament where they will be one of the great favorites.

Vallejo on Rafa Nadal's attitude

Speaking during a recent interview with Punto de Break, Vallejo revealed that the ferocity of the Rafael Nadal's shots on the court is even stronger than what it seems. "There are no words to explain it (training with Rafael Nadal), the ball that he sends you is even more uncomfortable than it seems.

If he already hits hard in games, in training he hits ten times harder," Daniel Vallejo said. "Just because of the facilities and the level of training it's already incredible, a 10. I've been here for four months and so far everything is going well, I hope to continue improving," Vallejo stated.

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