Rafael Nadal on if Nick Kyrgios can win Australian Open: Of course he can

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Rafael Nadal on if Nick Kyrgios can win Australian Open: Of course he can

Rafael Nadal believes Nick Kyrgios is a legitimate contender for the Australian Open title as the Spaniard suggested that the Australian can probably win any Grand Slam outside the French Open. Kyrgios, who decided to skip the French Open in 2022, ended as runner-up at Wimbledon and also made the US Open quarterfinal.

During his pre-tournament press conference at the United Cup, Nadal was asked about Kyrgios' Australian Open chances. "I know he doesn't like a lot to play Roland Garros. That's the only tournament that looks like he doesn't like to play that much.

The rest of the tournaments, he played final in Wimbledon, and in New York he was close to the finals I think, with a very positive chance. He can win in any tournament that he's playing. He has all the talent, the weapons to win against any player.

Of course he can," Nadal said of Kyrgios.

Nadal on his future

Nadal, who will be turning 36 in June, had another injury-plagued season in 2022. Still, he seems to be set to play at least one more full season on the Tour. When asked about his tennis future, Nadal suggested he is taking it day-by-day.

"As a professional you never know. I mean, hopefully not. I mean, when you are at the age of 36, you never know when going to be the last one. It's obvious, but don't like to talk about that because I am not in that mood now.

Just focus on try to play at the highest level possible and give myself the possibility to keep being competitive, to fight for anything," Nadal explained. Meanwhile, Nadal is set to start his 2023 season at the inaugural United Cup.

After the United Cup, Nadal will go to Melbourne Park, where he will try to defend his Australian Open title.

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