Rafael Nadal: 'Different story for us'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Different story for us'

Rafael Nadal and his wife Francisca Perelló had their first child in 2022. The baby's name is Rafael, like his father. About his son, but also about his next season, the Spanish champion said: "My son Rafael is very well, he sleeps a lot.

Is your favorite hand of his right or left? I do not know yet. I sleep a little less than at first, but it's completely normal. I try to live parenthood in the most natural way possible, I don't feel different from all the other parents in this world.

I try to make the most of every moment I can be with him. I am still a professional athlete and I want to stay on the Tour for as long as possible. I work hard every day to remain competitive at the highest level. When you start thinking about retirement, it means that that day is getting closer.

I haven't reached that point yet, I still feel the right energy and I want to keep going, but I'm aware." Nadal began dating Xisca in 2005, after they grew up together in their hometown of Palma de Mallorca, on the Spanish coast.

About his wife, Rafa said a few weeks ago: "Fortunately I have a brave woman, who has always helped me in everything she could and much more, she has always encouraged me to continue. She was the one who encouraged me to go to the United States.

She cost me more, but I also ruptured my abdomen again the week before the Us Open "In 2011, the tennis star spoke to Harper's Bazaar of her deep love for Xisca. "She's a lovely person. I feel very good with her and she will probably be the woman of my life." Regarding his free time, Nadal told Harper's Bazaar that he attends to the simple things in life: "I like to go fishing, get up early and go with a ship in the middle of the sea."

Nadal on the format of the United Cup

Rafael Nadal will begin the 2023 season with his wife Maria Francisca Perello and their newborn son beside him.

"The first event I play like a father without the baby with me, I lost first round. Second event, traveling with the baby, I was out of the group stage. At the end I won my last match, but I need to keep improving, no?" Nadal said.

"We have some help. No problem at all. Just I need to organize little bit my life, as everybody needs to do when you have a child in your life. It's always different when you play as a team. We are used to play on Davis Cup or Fed Cup I think.

I mean, is nothing 100% new, but at the same time it's the first time that we share forces between men, women," Nadal said. "Different story for us. Going to be exciting."

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