Rafael Nadal: 'I suppose that such a young boy was overwhelmed by...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I suppose that such a young boy was overwhelmed by...'

Rafael Nadal has landed in Australia to play the United Cup. A single stop before the Australian Open. However, the Spanish phenomenon, defending champion, during the 'Media Day' of the brand new team competition, tried to take stock of the last few weeks and what his ambitions are for the 2023 edition of the Australian Major.

Without shying away, of course, the feelings related to the tournament. "Playing as a team is always different. Although we are used to playing Davis and Fed Cup [Billie Jean King Cup, ed], so it's not completely new, but at the same time it's the first time we've played a mixed competition.

I am very excited to be able to share this experience with the rest of the team," said Rafa. "I can't wait to see how things unfold, especially over the next two days. Hopefully we can start off on the right foot because the round is not trivial", Nadal confessed in recent weeks that it is unlikely that he will return to Mexico.

Of course, the opposite is true in Australia. "No. At least, I hope not. The truth is that when you get to a certain age you never know when it will be the last time in a place. Honestly, now I don't even like to talk about it," he explained with a smile.

"As always, I will try to do my best to have the opportunity to be competitive and fight against everyone. That is my goal, I don't think about whether or not it will be my last time in Australia. I am going to try to play it, really, trying to create something special because I'm happy doing what I do", he also commented on the newcomer to the Nadal house, little Rafael.

The Spanish phenomenon briefly took stock of what his achievements have been since he became a father. Not without joking about it a bit. "In the first tournament I played as a father, without my son in tow, I lost in the first round.

Nadal defends Mbappe

Rafael Nadal has no ill will towards Kylian Mbappe whatsoever for declining a move to Real Madrid at the last minute in 2022. "I don't have to forgive [Kylian] Mbappé for anything and as a [Real] Madrid fan, if he could, come tomorrow," Nadal said.

"In the end, things happen in sports and I suppose that such a young boy was overwhelmed by such tremendous pressure from all angles that in the end... I think he wanted to come to Madrid, but due to many factors, everything was very complicated for him.

Hopefully we can see him in [Real] Madrid in the future. I would like Kylian to be there this year, but even so, Madrid is in a privileged position in all competitions, playing fantastic football for me. And until the last three games before the break, everything was going smoothly," Nadal said.

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