'There is speculation Rafael Nadal's abdominal injury is affecting...', says legend

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'There is speculation Rafael Nadal's abdominal injury is affecting...', says legend
'There is speculation Rafael Nadal's abdominal injury is affecting...', says legend

Rafael Nadal stressed that the time he spends on the court is just what he needs to get back into the routine. "Well, six hours on the track almost. I need hours on the track. I need battles like this. I haven't played many official matches in the last six months, almost seven.

Yes, days like these two help. Of course with victories the process is faster, but I need to keep fighting, that's all. At times I have played at a very good level of tennis. Playing very well with the backhand, changing direction with the forehand", explained Rafael Nadal in the post-match press conference after losing to Alex De Miñaur.

World number two, Rafael Nadal, travels to Melbourne this Wednesday to continue working towards the first Grand Slam of the season, where he is the current champion. The native of Manacor played his first two games of the year, adding two defeats for the first time in his career at the beginning of the year.

However, the Spaniard takes a positive note in what he has been able to experience so far adding competitive pace.

McNamee opens up on Rafa Nadal

Former doubles World No. 1 Paul McNamee has expressed doubts over World No. 2 Rafael Nadal's chances at the Asia-Pacific Grand Slam.

"This time Djokovic, the nine-time champion and deserved favorite is here, and Nadal is not even the highest ranked Spaniard! That mantle belongs to world No.1 Carlos Alcaraz – young, strong and hyper-quick, someone Aussie crowds do need to see," he wrote in his column for The Age.

"The X-factor is Nadal’s body. There is speculation his abdominal injury is affecting his ball toss but, for me, more concerning is his own recent admission: “I need to get a little faster physically”. Court coverage has always been a major asset of Nadal’s but, and this is a cruel thing to say, I fear he’s lost a yard," he expressed.

Mats Wilander reckons Novak Djokovic can ill-afford to stay behind all-time Grand Slam title leader Rafael Nadal (22) after the Australian Open 2023. "The revenge he most probably wants will be winning in Melbourne. The race is back on.

If he wins it. It's 22-22 (Grand Slams tally with Nadal). He has got to get to 22 before the French Open comes in May because Rafa might grab another one. You cannot lose in Melbourne and be 21, and Rafa gets to 23," Wilander said.

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