Rafael Nadal: 'The only thing that didn't happen in my side is...'

Rafa has been dominating the tour and has raised the bar in the men’s game

by Simone Brugnoli
Rafael Nadal: 'The only thing that didn't happen in my side is...'

Rafael Nadal is the reigning Australian Open champion and will debut on Monday against British tennis player Draper. The Mallorcan tennis player has started the season in the worst way, two consecutive defeats and a very unusual performance for one of the greatest champions of all time.

Unfortunately, age advances and the tennis player is very aware of it. The owner of twenty-two Grand Slam tournaments spoke at a press conference a few hours before the start of the tournament: the goal is always to defend the title, but there is awareness that something has changed compared to the past.

Rafa made the following statements at the conference: "I feel vulnerable, that's for sure. I'm losing more than usual and unfortunately it's part of the sport. I'm humble enough to accept it and work with what I can. I need to rebuild that confidence in myself based on victories, defeats are obvious.

I didn't play badly in the first two challenges of the year, I lost against great rivals, but I also had the chance to win. I've been here for three weeks, I train every day with the best and that helps me. As for my sensations, I have a good sensation, definitely better than three weeks ago." Next, the tennis player spoke about the expectations of him in the tournament.

Here are his words: "I'm quite happy, I'm training. And I feel good. Now I need a couple of wins, I hope it happens here, otherwise I'll try again later, if I lose on Monday it won't be the end of the world. Of course it will be difficult, but I will accept the result.

I hope to have a good Australian Open, but you never know what can happen. Honestly, I feel ready to play. Draper? I honestly think it's one of the worst draws taking out the seeding."

Rafa Nadal feels confident

Rafael Nadal believes he has found his old routine again as he continues his time on the tour with his family by his side.

"That changed my preparation last year a lot, without a doubt. A lot of changes at the beginning," Nadal said in a pre-tournament press conference at the Australian Open. While Nadal would have loved to enter the Australian Open on the back of a few victories, the two-time champion in Melbourne feels confident.

"The only thing that didn't happen in my side is victories. That's the real thing," Nadal explained. "But for the rest of the things that I am building to be ready for a tournament like this one, I feel quite ready."

Rafael Nadal