Jannik Sinner: Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz are extremely tough to beat in the wind

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Jannik Sinner: Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz are extremely tough to beat in the wind

Jannik Sinner says players like Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz are extremely tough to beat when the wind is impacting the match. On Thursday, Sinner defeated Taylor Fritz 6-4 4-6 6-4 in windy Indian Wells conditions. After the match, Sinner was asked about the challenges of playing in the wind and asked to name the toughest players to beat in those conditions.

"I think players who play with a lot of spin, which they play a little bit safer. I don’t know, Rafa, also Carlos, he plays with a lot of spin. They are very tough to beat. But also players who serve very well, because it’s already tough to return in normal conditions.

But also with the wind is tough to return. I came from indoor tournament, so here is a place where it’s usually so windy. Last year was more windy. But yeah, you also have to get a little bit lucky with these kind of conditions.

But yeah, if you practice, hopefully with wind can help you a little bit also in the matches," Sinner said.

Sinner on beating Fritz

Sinner, ranked at No 13 in the world, beat defending Indian Wells champion Fritz and also ended the American's run of nine consecutive wins in the desert.

After the match, Sinner revealed the adjustments he made that helped him beat Fritz. "Yeah, for sure, one side is a little bit — both sides are tough to play, because on one side you have to make, especially when you have the wind against you, you have to make more first serves but trying to play still aggressive, maybe it’s losing a little bit of timing and everything.

But if you play with wind, it’s also tricky, because especially in the rally, you can lose it long. So it was tough. I changed a little bit the return position at some point, which helped me a little bit. But still, it was tough, no.

I felt like I was playing very well today on both sides. So, yeah, yeah, it’s tough," Sinner explained.

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