Carlos Alcaraz calls for end of comparisons with Rafael Nadal

Alcaraz is seemingly fed up with constantly being compared to Nadal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Carlos Alcaraz calls for end of comparisons with Rafael Nadal

Carlos Alcaraz admits he would prefer not to be compared to Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz, 19, has had a stunning start to his career and his early success has led to numerous comparisons to Nadal. Alcaraz, who grew up watching and idolizing Nadal, has said several times over the last year that he is "focused on being the best version of Carlos Alcaraz." "It's not annoying, but I would say the comparison with Rafa," Alcaraz said, per Sportskeeda.

Nadal urged the media to stop comparing Alcaraz to him

Nadal has a great relationship with Alcaraz and he has always been willing and ready to give advice to the younger Spaniard. Last May, Nadal got fed up with all the Alcaraz comparisons.

When addressing the comparison between him and Alcaraz, Nadal said the best thing the media could do for Alcaraz would be to stop comparing the younger Spaniard to him. "I do not know. And I won't be able to talk every day about who will be or who is stronger that day, will I? I forgot what I was like," Nadal said when asked to compare himself to Alcaraz at 19.

The only thing we can do is enjoy the career of an extraordinary player like Carlos. But stop comparing him to me. If he manages to win 25 grand slams, it will be fantastic for him and for our country. But let him enjoy his personal career.

I have enjoyed my personal career. Probably in 2005, I wouldn't have said about myself that I was great, but I thought I was good enough. That's all. Different moments. Different careers. A different way of approaching things because times are changing.

But let's enjoy it. We don't [need to] put further pressure on him. Don't ask me every time, because I'll always tell you the same thing. It's good for our sport. Honestly, in a selfish way, as a viewer, to have someone like Carlos who will enjoy their career for the next few years is fantastic.

But now I'm still playing. I am focused on trying to do the things I have to do. That's all," Nadal said last May.

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