Andy Roddick slams 'dumb' Rafael Nadal headline: 'He does everything right'

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Andy Roddick slams 'dumb' Rafael Nadal headline: 'He does everything right'
Andy Roddick slams 'dumb' Rafael Nadal headline: 'He does everything right'

Andy Roddick slammed "a dumb stupid headline" as the American tennis legend noted the word "humiliating" is something that Rafael Nadal will never have associated with his life. Nadal, who hasn't played since the Australian Open due to an injury to his psoas muscle, recently exited the top-10 for the first time in 18 years.

Nadal, now ranked at No 14 in the world, could possibly leave the top-100 if he is also forced to miss the Rome Masters and French Open. "What a dumb stupid headline. Rafa will never have humiliating associated with his life.

Guy does everything right. This is dumb," Roddick tweeted.

Nadal is 'going to be in Paris'

10 days ago, Nadal shared a lengthy update to his fans, announcing his Madrid withdrawal and admitting that his injury didn't heal as expected.

"The injury still hasn't healed and I can't work out what I need to to compete. I was training, but now a few days ago we decided to change course a bit, do another treatment and see if things improve to try to get to what comes next.

I can't give deadlines because if I knew I would tell you but I don't know," Nadal said. A few days ago, Toni Nadal gave a very promising update on Nadal, saying his nephew "is going to play in Paris." “He would like to be competing now, but there is little left for that to happen.

He is going to play in Paris, although how he trains in the coming weeks and what he can do in Rome will be important to measure his aspirations there,” Uncle Toni said. In recent months, there has been a lot of rumors regarding Nadal's retirement.

Uncle Toni shut that down as well. “He is not thinking about retiring, he just wants to recover well and continue competing because he is passionate about this sport,” Uncle Toni added. Nadal was in a tough situation last year as well but still managed to win the French Open.

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