Ex-Slam champion explains what Rafael Nadal's absence means for French Open

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Ex-Slam champion explains what Rafael Nadal's absence means for French Open
Ex-Slam champion explains what Rafael Nadal's absence means for French Open

Casey Dellacqua says Rafael Nadal's absence is making this year's French Open edition more open but also noted there is still a strong group of players that are considered the top favorites for the title. Dellacqua, a former Grand Slam champion in mixed doubles and a seven-time Grand Slam finalist in women's doubles, named Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz as the top favorites for the French Open title.

Also, Dellacqua warned that Daniil Medvedev has been playing his best-ever clay tennis this spring. "Yes. Yes in terms of probably that kind of clear frontrunning in terms of Nadal, but I still think there are probably a mix of players that are the standouts for the title.

But it certainly still open in terms of, you never know, obviously the form that Djokovic is going to bring in, we've got Alcaraz. There's Medvedev coming up for the first time after a great week. So there's a mix of players but in terms of just being genuinely open for someone new to win the tournament which we haven't seen over many many years at Roland Garros, Nadal being so dominant, I would say that it certainly is a Roland Garros tournament that's up for grabs," Dellacqua said on The AO Show, per the Australian Open website.

Djokovic, Alcaraz the top RG favorites in the Nadal absence

The moment Nadal pulled out of the French Open, in the eyes of many Djokovic and Alcaraz immediately became the two top favorites for the title. On Friday, the French Open draw was made.

Before the draw was made, many were anxious to see where Alcaraz and Djokovic would land. Alcaraz, seeded at No 1, and third-seeded Djokovic ended up in the same part of the draw. With that being said, Alcaraz and Djokovic are projected to meet in the French Open semifinal. Last year, Alcaraz defeated Djokovic at the Madrid Masters - in their lone meeting so far.

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