Rafael Nadal's Perfect Player: A Fusion of Tennis Greatness

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Rafael Nadal's Perfect Player: A Fusion of Tennis Greatness
Rafael Nadal's Perfect Player: A Fusion of Tennis Greatness

Building a perfect tennis player is always attractive, especially when the all-time greats make them. Rafael Nadal created his perfect player in 2020, mentioning some of his greatest rivals and other names. Rafa praised Novak Djokovic's backhand and Roger Federer's forehand, which was a safe pick.

Ivo Karlovic got honored as the most excellent server, with Rafa explaining it's almost impossible to return it. The Spaniard picked himself in the determination area, always giving everything despite injuries and setbacks.

Dominic Thiem. Gael Monfils, Andy Murray and David Ferrer were also on the list, and here is Nadal's full explanation of his perfect player: "For backhand, I have to go with Novak Djokovic. He can defend very well from that wing and attack down the line and crosscourt, with plenty of options during the rallies.

I must pick Roger Federer's forehand, as he takes the ball very early and creates winners from every part of the court. Roger can hit his forehand flat or add some spin; it's a powerful weapon. I believe Ivo Karlovic's serve is the strongest initial shot in the game.

When Ivo serves well, which is the case in almost every match, the returner can not create any chances. He is tall, with a proper serve technique that sends the ball far away from your racquet. It's like a penalty in football, only even more difficult.

I would choose myself in the segment of determination. I have had the right resolution throughout my career after all the injuries I endured.

This is how Rafael Nadal's perfect player looks like.

I could keep going and practicing with passion for achieving my goals while fighting in every match.

In terms of fitness, I would go with Dominic Thiem. Gael Monfils must be the fastest player out there, and I think Andy Murray has the best shot selection. Talent is essential in that area. Having the proper technique and options to play defensive tennis or attack and a solid slice and return makes it easier to make the right decisions during the point.

David Ferrer's attitude was right there at the top. He was always improving, both his perspective and his game overall. David was able to do a lot of things very well. Roger Federer has an impressive vision. The inspiration drives him on the court, and he quickly makes the right decisions at the right moments," Rafael Nadal said.

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