Feliciano Lopez details why Carlos Alcaraz can fill Rafael Nadal void at Wimbledon

Lopez thrilled Spain has Nadal's successor in the name of Alcaraz.

by Dzevad Mesic
Feliciano Lopez details why Carlos Alcaraz can fill Rafael Nadal void at Wimbledon

Feliciano Lopez is calling Carlos Alcaraz "a miracle" as he thinks the 20-year-old can fill the void of Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon absence. Before Alcaraz burst onto the scene, people were speculating whether Spain would ever again have such a talent and champion as Nadal.

Then Alcaraz showed up and the Spanish tennis community feels well positioned for the probably next decade and a half. With Nadal missing this year's Wimbledon and likely retiring in 2024, Lopez says "astonishing" Alcaraz is giving Spain something to cheer on.

“I call him a miracle. Spain is not a big powerful tennis country compared to others and it’s crazy to see one great like Rafa about to end his career and then this kid from Murcia arrived. Winning a Grand Slam aged 19, being world number one.

It’s astonishing," Lopez told Reuters, via Gulf News.

Lopez thinks Alcaraz can fill the void of Nadal's Wimbledon absence

Going into this year's grass season, there were question marks about Alcaraz's ability on the grass.

But the Spaniard then won Queen's in his first grass tournament. “I think he has the skills to be a great grass court player. He has great hands and moves really good and the movement on the grass is key. Not many players move the way he moves.

Before Queen’s he had played only six matches on grass but he’s so gifted and the gifted players can adjust quickly than the rest of the human beings," Lopez said. Lopez acknowledges Alcaraz may feel pressure at Wimbledon but warns the Spaniard can definitely do well.

“Of course he will have nerves, as we saw in the French against Djokovic. But he has the ability, like the truly great players, to survive and find a way. It’s not only his tennis and his physical strength, but he’s brave enough to challenge the best players in the game at such a young age," Lopez said.

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