Rafael Nadal's sister delighted by Rafa's swimming training

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Rafael Nadal's sister delighted by Rafa's swimming training
Rafael Nadal's sister delighted by Rafa's swimming training © Rafael Nadal and Maribel Nadal Instagram accounts

Rafael Nadal shared photos on Instagram in which he is training at sunset, in order to be super competitive again for the start of 2024. The Spaniard has in fact planned to return to the court for the Australian Open, the first Slam of the season.

Rafael Nadal's sister, Maribel, was delighted by her brother's pool training, so much so that she shared the post with the photo of Rafa swimming among her stories, adding emoticons expressing her happiness at seeing Rafa swimming train in preparation for the come back on the court.

Toni Nadal said his nephew Rafa is thinking about the 2024 Australian Open

While his great rival Novak Djokovic continues to win and achieve record after record, Rafael Nadal is currently out due to injury.

The Serbian has won three out of four Slams this season and has overtaken Rafa in the Grand Slam title rankings. Now Nole has 24 titles, Nadal has 22 while Roger Federer has 20. Nadal was injured last January during the Australian Open in the match against the American Mackenzie McDonald and never recovered.

Initially there was talk of a stop of about a month but things went worse than expected and Rafa's 2023 ended well early. In recent days there has been discussion regarding the possibility of Nadal returning to the court at the end of the season, for the Davis Cup finals.

Rafa's uncle and former coach, Uncle Toni Nadal spoke about this on El Desmarque's microphones, completely closing off this possibility. Here are his words specifically: "Rafa is well and is recovering. If all goes well, his goal is to return to the field at the next Australian Open.

We will have to be very careful about his training pace and understand his condition. " Rafa Nadal will no longer play in 2023, his uncle has shed light on the latest rumors, extinguishing the hopes of Spanish fans. A Davis that will see the groups played this week and that has seen a lot of controversy erupt in recent days.

Toni Nadal also recently commented on Carlos Alcaraz's defeat at the US Open, revealing the reasons for this unexpected knockout. The Spaniard, reigning champion, fell in the semi-final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev and thus missed the grand final against Novak Djokovic.

Here are the reasons according to Uncle Toni: "He was forced to change his strategy a bit because of how difficult it is to overpower Daniil from the baseline. I think he did well by going to the net a lot, but it had a negative impact on the fact that was less successful than usual from the baseline, being less aggressive and making unusual errors."

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