Fans moved by Rafael Nadal's tender words to his friend Roger Federer


Fans moved by Rafael Nadal's tender words to his friend Roger Federer
Fans moved by Rafael Nadal's tender words to his friend Roger Federer © Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

During an interview with Movistar, Rafael Nadal revealed that he doesn't have many friends on the ATP tour as he belongs to another generation, although he said he still has conversations with his friend and rival Roger Federer.

From the words of the Spanish tennis star, it is clear that Federer may be the only friend with whom Rafa still has relations, in the current tennis Tour, and this has moved their fans. Federer and Nadal were the protagonists of one of the greatest sporting rivalries ever.

But the two, in addition to being opponents on the court, have developed a sincere friendship that goes beyond sport.

Nadal said in the interview: "On the circuit I don't have many friends left, I'm from another generation.

I talk to Federer every now and then." Here are some of the most interesting posts shared on X:

Nadal and the missing congrats to Djokovic win at the US Open

Nadal has been stuck on the circuit for almost a year and will return in 2024 in what should be the last year of his extraordinary career.

But there is great uncertainty about it and Rafa himself spoke about it in an interview with Movistar.

Nadal explained: "Compared to the past, I don't live without pain but at least I can control it. It's not a pain that makes your life bitter, I can resist.

There are moments when he doesn't leave me alone, I struggle to go down the stairs at home and certainly in those moments it's not possible to be happy."

Nadal could not fail to talk about Novak Djokovic and his recent victories: "Nole lives the race for the Slams in a more intense way and would have suffered more if he had not managed to achieve these objectives.

2024 my senior year? I've always said maybe, maybe I didn't express it in the best way but maybe! I can't confirm this 100%. There's a good chance I'll retire, but it depends on how my body is in three or four months, I can't say now.

Roadmap in 2024? Again, it's not clear to me. It depends on how I feel with my hip and obviously on my ability to compete, as soon as I take the field I will be able to understand better. Olympic Games? It's a scenario that will depend on my real chances of winning Roland Garros or not.

It's clear that I can't compete in all tournaments and I have to make my own assessments."

Finally regarding the Slam fight with Djokovic: "I missed four and a half years and several Slams due to injury, this is the reality.

It must be said that sport is also this, it doesn't mean I'm better than Djokovic. He had a physique that allowed him to play more than me, I just have to recognize it. Maybe I'll come back and win three more Slams, although I think it's really unlikely!

Message to Nole after the US Open victory? I didn't send him anything, he certainly lived those moments with confusion and I will send him greetings at the right time. But I will."

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