Casper Ruud gets brutally honest on Novak Djokovic's golf chances versus Rafael Nadal

Ruud asked to pick a better golf player between Djokovic and Nadal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Casper Ruud gets brutally honest on Novak Djokovic's golf chances versus Rafael Nadal
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Casper Ruud has no doubt that Rafael Nadal is a better golfer than Novak Djokovic as the Norwegian told the Serb that he is never going to beat the Spaniard on a golf course. Last week, Djokovic took part in the 2023 Ryder Cup All-Star Match.

Djokovic, whose teammate was retired football star Gareth Bale, actually did well on the course and the Serb's Team Monty ended up claiming a 7-4 win over Team Pavin. Nadal is a huge golf fan and Ruud had a chance to meet the Spaniard a couple of times on a golf course in Mallorca.

"Rafa. Rafa is better. Sorry Novak, but you've beaten Rafa a lot on the tennis court, but you won't beat Rafa on the golf course. He's going to have to live with that. They [Ryder Cup] actually asked me to be a part of this all-star match that Novak Djokovic played.

And I was so sad to have to turn it down. Because I was playing in Beijing. It was fun to see Novak, his swing was better than I thought. He even drove the green in Hole 16," Ruud told Tennis TV.

Ruud on playing golf with Nadal

During an interview with CLAY magazine earlier this year, 24-year-old Ruud was asked if he was a better golf player than Nadal.

"No, is not. We’ve played two times and he beat me both times," Ruud said. When asked how it feels to play golf with Nadal, Ruud revealed that the Spaniard is also "very competitive" on a golf course. "Yeah, he is very, very competitive.

More competitive than in a tennis court, even. He is really good, we haven’t played in some years, actually, but I think maybe we have to get a new round soon, I hope so," Ruud said. Growing up, Ruud used to idolize and look up to Nadal.

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