Rafael Nadal gets brutally honest on how determined he is on returning


Rafael Nadal gets brutally honest on how determined he is on returning
Rafael Nadal gets brutally honest on how determined he is on returning © Getty Images Sport - Daniel Pockett

Rafael Nadal acknowledged he may be dealing with certain limitations at this stage of his career but highlighted that he is putting his absolute best effort to be able to play again. Nadal, 37, battled various injuries in the last few seasons but the biggest setback happened at the start of the 2023 season when the Spaniard sustained an injury to his psoas muscle at the Australian Open.

Nadal hasn't played since then as he opted to surgically address the issue after failing to recover in time for the French Open. Nadal's plan now is to return to action in 2024 and then retire from pro tennis. "It's always been about my very own pressure.

My own pressure and self-demand is beyond yours, but I still appreciate it. My demand from myself has always been big, and at this point of my career, I really do my best. My limitations are obvious now, but when they're gone - which I hope will be soon - we'll talk about a different kind of pressure," Nadal said in Madrid this week.

Nadal hopes to be ready for the Australian Open

Nadal has confirmed that he is targeting to be ready to play at the start of the 2024 season. However, Nadal has also underlined that nothing is guaranteed and that he is still unsure if he will be able to play in Australia. "My first realistic option to be back on the professional court would be January in Australia.

But right now, I really can't confirm something I don't know. Nothing has changed in the last few weeks except for the fact that I'm training a bit more than before, which is an accomplishment for me and my mental health," Nadal said.

In his interview, Nadal also revealed that he is still feeling certain pain when he is practicing. When the pain goes away, Nadal will be able to plan his comeback more precisely.

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