Rafael Nadal puts tennis aside to play shuffleboard with his friends!

The Spaniard enjoyed a day with his friends playing shuffleboard

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal puts tennis aside to play shuffleboard with his friends!
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Rafael Nadal changes sport, but only to play with his friends! The Spanish tennis player, who is expected to return to the court with the start of the 2024 tennis season, enjoyed a day with his friends playing shuffleboard.

The Spaniard shared a photo on Instagram in which he and his friends sat on a shuffleboard table and invited fans to guess the game. "Saturday afternoon… enjoying my time somewhere playing with friends...Can you guess what it is this game? I love it!" wrote the Spanish tennis player in the post shared on his Instagram account.

Novak Djokovic: "At the end of my career I would like to have a drink with Rafael Nadal"

The Spanish tennis player talked about the Slam fight a few weeks ago in an interview with Mundo Depurtivo, making interesting statements: "You can be frustrated with 22 Slams, for example Novak lives it more intensely.

For him it would have been a greater frustration not to succeed. Maybe that's why he made it." Nole later explained that he respected these words but that he absolutely did not agree. In short, a rivalry that continues off the court and Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have repeatedly specified that they respect each other but are not friends.

In short, an important point to clarify. In the last few hours Djokovic gave an interesting interview to Canal +5 and revealed: "Rafa Nadal is a special tennis player in my career. We are not friends but we respect each other very much.

I hope - at the end of our careers - to be able to go to the beach and have a drink, perhaps talking about our respective lives." An opening statement from the Serbian towards the Spanish champion. We recall Rafa's presence at the Australian Open is still in doubt, despite the Spaniard is trying to be ready for the Australian Swing.

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