Novak Djokovic on if he'd play until 50 if he knew he'd beat Rafael Nadal's RG record


Novak Djokovic on if he'd play until 50 if he knew he'd beat Rafael Nadal's RG record
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Novak Djokovic says he is "happy" and "proud" of his career accomplishments and adds Rafael Nadal having the all-time French Open record isn't something that makes him feel bad. This week, Djokovic arrived in Malaga with the Serbian team for the Davis Cup Final 8.

In Malaga, Djokovic was asked if he would accept to play until 50 if he was guaranteed to equal or beat Nadal's all-time French Open record of 14 titles. This year, 36-year-old Djokovic won his third French Open title. "I don't know, I'm sure my wife wouldn't find it very funny.

I am very satisfied with everything I have achieved. I don't have to look at Rafa's record in Paris. I have many that I am proud of and that are part of history. If I retired right now, I could only be happy and proud of what I did," Djokovic told MARCA.

Djokovic doesn't feel bad knowing Nadal owns the RG record

This year, Djokovic made all four Grand Slam finals and won three Slams to become the first man with 24 Majors. Recently, Djokovic suggested that he will be aiming for a Calendar Grand Slam next year and also the gold medal at the Paris Olympics.

MARCA asked Djokovic if that is really possible. "Was it realistic to think that i would win three of the four Grand Slams this year? Five years ago or even a year or two ago, I don't think people thought that was possible.

I know myself and I know that if I feel good physically and mentally I am capable of doing it. I don't want it to sound disrespectful to my rivals. I know there are thousands of players fighting for the same goal, but I know who I am and I believe in myself," Djokovic said. After winning this year's ATP Finals, Djokovic also warned his rivals that his motivation will remain the same in 2024.

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