Rafael Nadal's body language is a lesson of winning mentality

Through his body movements, the Spanish champion loads up, prepares and intimidates his opponents

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal's body language is a lesson of winning mentality
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2024 will be the year of Rafael Nadal, absent from the ATP Touir circuit in the first round of the 2023 Australian Open. That was the last official appearance of the Spanish champion before surgery to resolve the injury to the left iliopsoas that kept him away from the fields all year round.

On the occasion of a promotional event for the Clínica Tenis Teknon, the Spaniard confirmed that he feels much better and that his return is getting ever closer. "Until now I didn't know if I would ever play tennis again and now I think I will.

What has changed from a few weeks ago to now is that I now know that I will play tennis again. I didn't know it before, but now, honestly, I know I will because evolution is good. Giant strides have been made lately. I'm not ready to say where yet.

When I know, I'll be the first to say it. I don't know what level I will be able to return to, but I have never lost my enthusiasm. I haven't played for a year and for me personal success, which is more powerful than general success, is maintaining the illusion of playing again.

I know it will be difficult to find a high level of tennis again, but if I didn't have the illusion of being competitive again, I wouldn't have done the work I've done in recent months and the effort it takes after a very long career.

I won't win any more Grand Slams than Djokovic, but I will give myself the chance to have fun again."

The champion's winning mentality comes through his body language

The 22-time Slam champion never wanted to say anything about recovery times and his possible return to the court, also denying the statement of the director of the Australian Open Craig Tiley about his participation in the Australian Slam in 2024, but in the next few hours he should reveal where and when he will return to the court.

Meanwhile, to celebrate Rafa Nadal's imminent comeback, the Instagram page born.for.tennis shared a video on the importance of the body language shown by the Spanish champion before the most important matches. A demonstration of a winning mentality, the one that only champions have.

In this case was befeore going onto the Philippe Chatrier to playe the Roland Garros 2022 final against Casoer Ruud. A lesson for the young players who would like to get something good from tennis. "Rafael Nadal demonstrating the importance of body language.

This is the mentality of champions," the post says.

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