Toni Nadal gets brutally honest on Rafael Nadal's 2024 French Open chances

Nadal set to make his French Open comeback in 2024.

by Dzevad Mesic
Toni Nadal gets brutally honest on Rafael Nadal's 2024 French Open chances
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Toni Nadal believes a healthy Rafael Nadal could definitely do major things at the 2024 French Open. After not playing since this year's Australian Open, 37-year-old Nadal will be returning to action in the first week of the 2023 season in Brisbane.

When Nadal returns to action, that will also likely mark the start of the Spaniard's last season in pro tennis. Addressing Nadal's goals for 2023, Uncle Toni says his nephew hopes to be healthy and deliver good tennis. At the French Open, Nadal is a record 14-time champion and there is no doubt that it will be one of the Spaniard's big goals in 2024.

Toni Nadal: If Nadal's body is fine, I think he could do well at the French Open

“Rafael is doing well. He’s back in training with good intensity, with the most important thing being the (dream) of playing the French Open again.

I don’t think he’s thought about retiring, for one simple reason, which he’s told me many times. He doesn’t want to retire with the feeling of being injured. What he dreams of is having a good year, trying to play at a very high level again.

He knows it’s going to be very difficult, because every year it gets harder and harder… But his dream is to try to be here again, especially to play in Paris again. If his body is fine, he thinks he’ll have the chance to do really great things at Roland Garros," Toni Nadal told RMC radio’s Bartoli Time programme, via Tennis Majors.

In 2022, Nadal came to the French Open struggling with a foot issue. After putting his foot under anesthesia for two weeks straight and taking painkillers, Nadal was able to compete at Roland Garros and win his record French Open title.

This year, Nadal missed the French Open due to a psoas injury. It remains to be seen how will Nadal's 2024 French Open comeback look.

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