Rafael Nadal reveals the outfit he will wear in Brisbane!

The Spanish champion will finally return to the court after almost a year of absence

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal reveals the outfit he will wear in Brisbane!
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"I was afraid to make the announcement, because in the end I spent a year without competing and underwent a surgery. The thing that worried me the most, however, wasn't the hip but something else. I think I'm ready and I'm confident that things will go well.

This gives me the opportunity to have fun on the court. It's been a long time, but I hope to still feel the same tension, the same pleasure, the same fears and doubts. I expect to expect nothing: that's the truth. I must have the ability not to demand what I have asked of myself throughout my career.

I think I'm in a different situation, uncharted territory." With these words, Rafael Nadal revealed his feelings regarding his imminent return on the court. After a year out due to the serious injury suffered to the psoas muscle at the 2023 Australian Open, the Spanish champion will return to the tennis courts at the ATP 250 in Brisbane.

The tournament will begin on December 31, 2023, right at the end of the year. A wish for Rafa to leave behind this unfortunate season, spent between surgery and rehabilitation, while watching his rivals play every week on the court.

Rafael Nadal's outfit for his come back in Brisbane!

"I have internalized what I have done throughout my life, which is to ask the most of myself. I hope to be able not to do this. I have to accept that things will be very difficult at the beginning, give myself the necessary time and forgive myself if things will not go well, because there is a very big possibility that they will.

But I also have to know that there could be a not too distant future where things can change if I maintain the right spirit of work and my body responds well," added the Spanish legend. In the meantime, on the occasion of his come back on the court, the outfit that the Spaniard will wear in Brisbane was revealed.

Rafa will wear a t-shirt with two shades of green, one lighter and one darker. The shorts will be in two versions, green or white. Finally, the shoes will be the same colors as the trousers and t-shirt: white and green.

Rafael Nadal