Rafael Nadal's positiveness: 'Things can change for the better'

Rafael Nadal will extend his career after a severe hip injury

by Jovica Ilic
Rafael Nadal's positiveness: 'Things can change for the better'
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The legend Rafael Nadal experienced a massive hip injury at this year's Australian Open, missing the rest of the season and embracing the most extended break of his career. Rafa stayed positive, undergoing surgery in June and returning to the practice court a couple of months later.

After giving his everything in the gym and on the court, Nadal will compete again in the first week of 2024, entering the ATP 250 event in Brisbane. While fully aware of all the difficulties he is about to face, Rafa remains optimistic, saying he could regain the rhythm and confidence without waiting too long.

Nadal claimed two Major titles in 2022 despite injuries, conquering the Australian Open and Roland Garros and standing alone on 22 Major crowns. However, he suffered an abdominal injury at Wimbledon, reaching the semi-final but withdrawing ahead of the Nick Kyrgios clash.

Nadal has played only 13 matches since August 2022, experiencing a couple of blows and dropping out from the top-600 after over two decades! Rafa could not recover in the previous season's closing stages, traveling to Australia with no form or confidence.

The Spaniard lost both United Cup matches from a set up, heading to the Australian Open as the defending champion with slim chances. Rafa made a winning start against Jack Draper before experiencing a severe hip injury against Mackenzie McDonald.

Nadal revealed a Grade 2 iliopsoas and underwent arthroscopic surgery in June, missing the rest of the season and jeopardizing his career.

Rafael Nadal is confident about his comeback.

Rafa enjoyed his first relaxed summer without tennis in decades, traveling with his family and friends before starting his preparations.

Eager to extend his tennis journey, Nadal raised his level in the gym and on the court, beginning to think about his comeback. After several successful months of training, the Spaniard scheduled his long-awaited return to Brisbane, entering the ATP 250 event ahead of the Australian Open.

Nadal is aware of his position and possible tough draws at every tournament, trying to prove himself again and battle for the titles. "I have internalized what I have had throughout my life, which is to demand from myself the maximum.

Right now, I hope not to do that. Things will be difficult at the beginning, and I have to accept that. I have to give myself the necessary time and forgive myself if things go wrong initially, which is likely to happen. However, things can change in the not-too-distant future, which should be the case if I keep the dream and the working spirit. If my body responds well, that will happen," Rafael Nadal said.

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