Ex top-10 star hopes Carlos Alcaraz avoids Rafael Nadal's fate in this aspect

Alcaraz is off to a great start to his career but he has already battled various injuries.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex top-10 star hopes Carlos Alcaraz avoids Rafael Nadal's fate in this aspect
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Former world No 9 Andrea Petkovic is worried a bit about Carlos Alcaraz's long-term health as the former German tennis star hopes the 20-year-old avoids Rafael Nadal's fate with injuries. Alcaraz, a two-time Grand Slam champion, is off to an incredible start to his career but he has already dealt with various injuries.

After missing the 2023 Australian Open due to a right leg injury, Alcaraz aggravated his injury in his second tournament back in Rio de Janeiro. Then, Alcaraz missed the Monte Carlo Masters due to a hand injury and muscle soreness in his spine.

In the French Open semifinal against Novak Djokovic, Alcaraz suffered full-body cramps in a four-set defeat. Late in the season, Alcaraz battled minor leg and back injuries and that caused him to skip Basel. Nadal also achieved great success early on but injury issues never stopped plaguing him.

Petkovic hopes Alcaraz avoids the same injury fate as Nadal

"I have observed the thing with athletes, with colleagues that I've been next to for past 20 years. When someone has an injury very early on in their career, it seems to just keep bothering them in the same place.

But I think it's when you're still growing. I am [worried about Alcaraz]! Same with Rafa, Rafa had a bad injury early on, and he always had injuries. If you look at someone like Djokovic, Roger, they were never injured. I do think if you're unlucky at the beginning of your career, while you're still growing with a big injury, it tends to come bite you back in the butt," Petkovic said on the Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast.

During the 2022 offseason, Alcaraz suffered a leg injury. Unless something again happens to Alcaraz in the offseason, the Spaniard will make his Australian Open return in January. It remains to be seen if Alcaraz will have more luck with his health in 2024.

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