Nadal reveals the shots he would like to 'steal' from Federer and Djokovic


Nadal reveals the shots he would like to 'steal' from Federer and Djokovic
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Rafael Nadal is preparing to come back to the tennis court for an official event. The Spaniard, following the serious injury suffered at the 2023 edition fo the Australian Open, was forced to miss the entire season. Now, finally, Rafa will come back to play tennis at the ATP 250 in Brisbane.

Meanwhile, the Spaniard attended the Infosys EMEA confluence 2023, in Vienna. Rafa, who announced a three-year partnership with Infosys just this year, answered some interesting questions posed by the event host. Host asked Rafael Nadal which tennis players he would steal a shot from.

Rafa chose Ivo Karlovic's serve. Nadal then chose the forehand of his friend-rival Roger Federer. And Novak Djokovic couldn't be missing: Nadal chose the Serbian champion's backhand. The Spaniard then chose the young countryman Carlitos Alcaraz for his physical resistance, and the former Czech tennis player Radek Stepanek for his volley.

Nadal will come back in Brisbane

The Spaniard, as I wrote a few lines above, will come back to Brisbane.

In what could be his last tennis season: "Clearly I thought many times that there was no point in continuing to play. In the end I experienced many things, hours and hours of work without seeing concrete results. But I continue to think what I said during my last lecture, that I don't deserve to end my career in a press room.

I'd like to end in a different way. I fought and continued to have hope that I could make what I wanted happen. I had doubts, went through negative moments, but I think I surrounded myself with the right people: my family, my team, friends...

I think everyone helped me in a decisive way to find myself in this position where I have the chance to compete again. I believe that seeing me play again is also the desire of the fans," said Nadal.