Spain's Jorge Martinez, 28, funnily comments on being ranked above Rafael Nadal

Martinez admits he never thoughts he would one day be ranked ahead of Nadal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Spain's Jorge Martinez, 28, funnily comments on being ranked above Rafael Nadal
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Spain's Jorge Martinez Martinez, 28, says it is "funny" to see him ranked ahead of Rafael Nadal and jokingly revealed that he sent a screenshot of the rankings to his family. Martinez, ranked at No 663 in the world, is ranked just one place above 664th-ranked Nadal.

Nadal, a former world No 1, hasn't played since this year's Australian Open. After basically missing the entire 2023 season, Nadal slumped outside the top-600 in the world. Meanwhile, Martinez achieved his career-high ranking of No 552 this year.

"It's funny because I never thought I would be ahead of Rafa. I took a photo of the rankings and sent it to my family. I joked that now was the time to ask him to play doubles. I knew it was going to happen to him because I read in MARCA that Nadal fell outside 600," Martinez told MARCA.

Martinez: Nadal gave me a lot of disappointments

Although Martinez comes from Spain, he grew up idolizing Roger Federer. "I have always been Federer's, because of his style, because of his elegance, he had tennis in his DNA.

Nadal has given me a lot of disappointment. I remember when he beat Roger in the Wimbledon final. I was 12 years old and it was a very big disappointment," Martinez said. Martinez maybe grew up idolizing Federer but he also has a great level of respect and appreciation for Nadal.

If he ever meets Nadal, Martinez knows what he will ask the Spanish tennis icon. "I would ask him with the utmost respect about his experiences and how he has felt at certain moments. I am the first to say that Rafa is a beast, the best in history both from the head as an attitude. For someone to win a tournament 14 times seems impossible to me and he did it at Roland Garros," Martinez said.

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