Toni Nadal revealed he was always honest with his nephew Rafael Nadal

In an interview for SuperTennis, the uncle of the Spanish champion shared his vision of tennis

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Toni Nadal revealed he was always honest with his nephew Rafael Nadal
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Toni Nadal recently granted an interview with Supertennis, in which he talked about his vision of tennis and also about his nephew Rafael Nadal, who will return to the court at the ATP 250 in Brisbane. Toni underlined the fundamental principles and the idea of tennis that led him during the career, also making a revelation about his nephew Rafa.

"I have always sought success through the evolution of the person. It is easier to win if you are an polite person. Today in tennis everyone must play in the same way. I hit strong and I don't think much, but I think it is society in general not to think a lot.

Today either serve at 220 kmh or you cannot play, or answer a crazy speed or you are cut off so we have removed a fundamental part of the tactic, which is essential in sport: we already have gyms to do sports without having to think.

Tennis, however, has a problem: the player is the boss, it is he who pays, and those who pay does it to feel what he wants to hear. He doesn't like hearing what he doesn't want to hear, then there are people around you who tell you that you do everything well.

I've never done it. The tennis player lives in an environment that makes him believe he is someone important. Important why does a ball pass over a net? To pass a ball on a net does not make much sense, what makes sense is to know how to overcome the problems," said the uncle of Rafa.

Toni Nadal's vision of tennis

Toni told the training method implemented during the activity with his nephew Rafa, underlining: "Today we speak of factors such as biomechanics, statistics, video analysis. I like video analysis because it allows you to watch the technique at a speed that would normally be impossible , the statistics, on the other hand, only confirm what I have already seen.

I have never prepared a game more than necessary. I prepared the games with Federer, with Djokovic but I never prepared a game against the number 40 in the world. When Rafael took the field, I told him to play as he knew how to do. "

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