Daria Kasatkina comments on 'idol' Rafael Nadal returning to tennis in 2024

Kasatkina asked about Nadal coming back to tennis at the start of 2024.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daria Kasatkina comments on 'idol' Rafael Nadal returning to tennis in 2024
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Daria Kasatkina is thrilled to see Rafael Nadal returning as the Russian tennis star warns the Spaniard has a history of making strong comebacks. 

Nadal, 37, missed the remainder of the 2023 season after the Australian Open due to an injury to his psoas muscle. Just on December 1st, Nadal confirmed he would be able to return to pro tennis in 2024. Before undergoing hip surgery in early June, Nadal said his hope was to return healthy in 2024 and be able to play his last year in pro tennis. 

As a fan, Kasatkina hopes Nadal's comeback goes well as the Russian says she plans to save her tears for the day the 22-time Grand Slam champion officially retires.

"I'm already happy that he’ll come back. It's amazing how he proves it every time. Everyone writes him off, but every time he comes back like a phoenix and wins something. It's totally unbelievable. As for the prospects, I do not know, because he always needs some time after comebacks. But I've heard that Rafa is in very good shape right now — it's the most important thing. I think it's already an incredible victory for him that he'll сome back. If he can show some kind of result already in Australia, it will be very cool. As a fan from the cradle, I want to postpone the cry when your idol ends his career. I'm not in a hurry, I'd like to see more of his matches," Kasatkina said during a conversation with Elis Kostik.

Kasatkina on Nadal: I still feel like he is my idol

Kasatkina, who is 26 years old, has been on the Tour for a long time and she has been one of the better players over the last couple of years. Kasatkina may have become a successful tennis player but some things still haven't changed as the 2022 French Open semifinalist still idolizes Nadal. 

"Yes. I know him personally. But I still have the feeling that he’s my idol, my childhood idol. I still have a slight tremor, some excitement when I see him around somewhere (laughing). I would regret it if I missed this chance. And yes, I would like to take another photo with him!" Kasatkina said.

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