Nick Kyrgios pokes fun at average Rafael Nadal critics

Kyrgios doesn't think Nadal's critics are particularly productive or successful people.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios pokes fun at average Rafael Nadal critics
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Nick Kyrgios suggests Rafael Nadal's critics are the type of people who don't do anything productive in their lives but just sit behind their screens and leave negative comments about others. 

Although 22-time Grand Slam champion Nadal is one of the most successful tennis players in tennis history, there are still people who have something negative to say about the Spaniard. Over the years, some have been trying to mock Nadal by poking fun at his hairline or downplaying his Grand Slam success by suggesting that he wouldn't be that good if not for the French Open. 

On X, a user sarcastically implied that Nadal's average critic is an unfit person sitting behind the screen in a messy room and doing nothing but criticizing others: "Haha look at this photo of Baldal, he's only got 22 grand slams! What a loser!" Reacting to the post, Kyrgios wrote: "Haha this is what they look like for real."

Kyrgios defends Nadal ahead of the Spaniard's return

Meanwhile, Nadal is set to play his first tournament in 12 months at the Brisbane International. After confirming his comeback in Brisbane, 37-year-old Nadal admitted there were moments in 2023 when he feared he would not be able to play again.

“It’s been a long year in which I’ve gone through many phases, from trying to get back to compete at the clay season, week after week, disappointment after disappointment. Then I had to decide to stop and say ‘enough’ and look for a definite solution, which was the surgery. Since then, everything has been a new horizon, a difficult path, but always with the hope of coming back," Nadal said in a video uploaded on X after confirming his comeback.

"Of course, I have had many doubts, of course, there were moments where it seemed impossible that this moment would come. But we’ve maintained the work spirit and hope and I think I am ready. I don’t know at what level, I don’t know what to expect, I have no idea, but I don’t care right now. I’m just happy to be back and with great excitement to make the effort that is necessary to have fun and I believe that I will be competitive."

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