US Congress member rips Nadal for having snubbed Djokovic and praised Federer

Claudia Tenney, member of the Congress of the United States, did not digest the words of the Spaniard who, in a recent interview with El Pais, explained that he gets more excited watching Federer play, rather than Djokovic

by Lorenzo Ciotti
US Congress member rips Nadal for having snubbed Djokovic and praised Federer
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"Roger Federer is the player who impressed me the most, the one who entertained me the most, the one who moved me the most. I was more excited to see Federer play than Novak Djokovic. It's a very radical combination of styles.

There was a package of combinations of personalities and styles. This, combined with the fact that we played so many matches on the biggest stages, transformed our rivalry into something that transcended more than any other duel.

Federer was perfection on an aesthetic level, on an elegance level, on a technical level. When I arrived, he was number one in the world, and he found himself a rival with long hair and an exuberant physique. Elegance against a warrior Tennis is emotion, emotion is what attracts you." With these words, Rafael Nadal directly praised his friend and rival Swiss Maestro, but his interview annoyed the fans of the Serbian champion Djokovic.

One of these is the US Congress Member Claudia Tenney, who, on X, harshly attacked the Spanish champion, defining him without too many mincing words as envious, writing: "Disappointing envy from Nadal. Novak Djokovic is not only the greatest tennis player in always (GOAT), for so many reasons he is also my choice as the greatest athlete of the modern era.No one else has had the mental strength and grace to overcome the unnecessary obstacles and petty political tropes that have been thrown at him time and time again."

Nadal distances himself from Naomi Osaka

When the comparison with the situation experienced by Naomi Osaka was proposed to him in the press conference, Rafael Nadal responded without hesitation, recalling his history in the world of tennis.

The Spaniard has never had any doubts about the feeling he felt towards the sport he has always loved. You can feel the Majorcan's passion in every single point, shot and celebration. Despite injuries, physical problems and the large number of forced stops, Nadal has never stopped believing in himself and has always thrown his heart over the obstacle to return to competing and smiling.

Rafael Nadal© Getty Images Sport - Chris Hyde

"My situation is completely different. If I'm not mistaken, Naomi you said that you lost the passion and love for tennis for a certain period. This is something that has never happened to me.

She was tired and had lost some motivation; I stopped because my body prevented me from competing. Have I thought about retiring? Certainly. I had to go through a lot to be able to come back. Sometimes, in difficult times, it's human to think: Okay, does it make sense to do all these things to get back to playing at 37? But I was determined and tried to work day after day without thinking too much. I'm happy to be back on the Tour," explaind Rafa.