McNamee rips Nadal for talking about Djokovic

The American tennis player said he was surprised by the words shared by the Spaniard for the Serb

by Lorenzo Ciotti
McNamee rips Nadal for talking about Djokovic
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"We all reinvented ourselves. That's why there was this intense rivalry: we always surprised each other. Djovokic too, but he had a difference compared to the two of us (Him and Federer - ed.). He evolved his game, all champions do it, but not he needed to evolve it as much as we did.

He didn't suffer many injuries. The only thing that required him to improve was his rivals, not his physical problems. It makes the difference." With these words, Rafael Nadal talked about the rivalry with his nemesis Novak Djokovic.

The Spanish champion, speaking of him, the Serbian No.1 and Roger Federer, underlined how his career and that of the Swiss Legend were partly marked by serious injuries. Which, according to Nadal, has never happened for Djokovic.

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These words have caused some discontent among some fans and some players. Paul McNamee, for example, said he was surprised by how Nadal continues to talk about the ATP No.1.

The American said how, on the contrary, Djokovic never responded to such words. "Naturally the media and the fans of Rafa and Novak are the target of the controversy around Rafa who, surprisingly in my opinion, continues to talk about Novak, who continues to occupy high positions.

They desperately hope to face each other again, with the Roland Garros on more likely," McNamee wrote on X.

Nadal shares his opinion on Federer and Djokovic

In a recent interview with El Pais, the Spanish tennis legend expressed his point of view about Federer and Djokovic.

A lot of fans didn't like Rafa's words: according them, the 22 Slam champion praised Federer and he threw a did to Djokovic. "Roger Federer was perfection on an aesthetic level, on an elegance level, on a technical level. When I arrived, he was number one in the world, and he found himself a rival with long hair and an exuberant physique.

Elegance against a warrior Tennis is emotion, emotion is what attracts you. Federer is the player who impressed me the most, the one who entertained me the most, the one who moved me the most. I was more excited to see Federer play than Novak Djokovic.

It's a very radical combination of styles. There was a package of combinations of personalities and styles. This, combined with the fact that we played so many matches on the biggest stages, transformed our rivalry into something that transcended more than any other duel," said Rafa.