A former star reassures fans: "Rafael Nadal will come back soon"

Barbara Schett believes the Spanaird will come back on the court in the next weeks

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A former star reassures fans: "Rafael Nadal will come back soon"
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Rafael Nadal's come back lasted three matches, at the Brisbane International, before the new injury suffered in the match against Jordan Thompson. Former tennis player and Eurosport commentator Barbara Schett, as soon as she heard the news, immediately reacted on her social channels.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal© Chris Hyde / Stringer - Getty Images Sport

However, the former player has no doubts that Rafa will be ready for her beloved clay-season. "I was sitting with my family at dinner here in Australia when the terrible news broke that Rafa Nadal had to withdraw from the Australian Open. We know he is focusing on the clay court season. He wants to play well, he wants to be fit and healthy. He also wants to play the Olympics, so he needs to rest. He's sad for us, but he has to do what he has to do. One thing is certain: we will see him again. Maybe not live here at the Australian Open, but in the worst case scenario at the Roland Garros, we will see it on television, that's for sure," she explained.

Rafael Nadal's new injury

Just when he seemed to be in the right direction again to amaze the crowds again, a new stop will force him to miss the Australian Open, a year after his last appearance, in Melbourne, where his nightmare began. 

"Hello everyone. During my last match in Brisbane I had a small muscle problem which as you know caused some concern. Once I arrived in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to have an MRI and I have a micro tear in the muscle; not in the same area as the previous injury, and that's good news. At this moment I am not ready to compete at the highest level in the best of five sets. So I decided to return to Spain to meet my doctor, get treatment and rest. I've worked hard to get back and my goal, as I've always said, is to reach my best level in 3 months. I really wanted to play in Australia and I had the chance to do so for a few matches which made me happy. Thank you all for the support,” said the Spaniard.

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