Nadal's winning Roland Garros racket is expected to break every record at auction

A memorabilia from the Spaniard's 2007 victory over Roger Federer is expected to sell for a record $150,000.

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Nadal's winning Roland Garros racket is expected to break every record at auction
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A Rafael Nadal's memorabilia will be sold at auction by Prestige Memorabilia, with a price expected to reach $150,000!

Prestige Memorabilia, a leading company in the tennis memorabilia sector, has announced an auction on an object truly coveted by collectors: the racket with which Rafael Nadal won the 2007 edition of the Roland Garros against Roger Federer.

Nadal© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

And the racket comes with a certificate of authenticity from Resolution Photomatching, which was also the authenticator of the record-breaking 2022 Australian Open racket at Sotheby's, last year.

The racket was housed in the Australian Tennis Museum, part of Ken Rosewall's personal collection, but the recent closure of the museum led to the sale of the heirloom.

The auction will start on January 28, 2024 and is expected to break records for previous tennis memorabilia sold at auction. As for the rackets sold at auction at the highest price, for now there are Nadal's with which he played at the 2022 Australian Open ($139,700), Billie Jean King's racket with which he played the match against Bobby Riggs ( $125,000) and the racket with which Novak Djokovic won the 2016 Roland Garros ($107,482).

The most expensive piece of memorabilia of all time is the jersey Michael Jordan worn at the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, sold at auction by Sotheby's for 10 million dollars.

About Prestige Memorabilia

Prestige Memorabilia is a leading company dealing in high-end tennis memorabilia. The company, as stated on the official website, was founded in 2015 as

"We have served countless satisfied collectors. From helping curate important private collections to guiding first-time buyers, we are committed to meeting each collector's unique needs with a personal touch and personalized experience. Prestige offers the finest memorabilia of the existing tennis courts and we invite you to contact us so we can help you have the best possible experience," we read on the Prestige Memorabilia website.

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