Rafael Nadal could heartbreaking skip Monte Carlo

The Spanish champion risks not playing the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters due to an abdominal problem

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal could heartbreaking skip Monte Carlo
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Rafael Nadal no longer updated his fans about training and physical progress on his social media. Rafa should participate in the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters but, according to the latest rumors coming from Spain and Italy, Nadal could really risk missing the ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo too.

Rumors that talking about an alleged abdominal problem, which would not allow the Spanish champion to be able to train as he would like.

Since March 23, Nadal has no longer updated his fans with videos, photos on stories and this is creating apprehension in all tennis lovers, who are waiting to finally see Rafa back on the court.

A few hours after the draw, Nadal's presence at the Monte Carlo Country Club seems far from certain.

The Spaniard received a wild card from the tournament organizers, but the Spanish media revealed that Nadal still suffers from abdominal and back problems, which would prevent the 22-time Slam champion from moving laterally and having difficulty serving.

At the moment Nadal is apparently training in his Academy in Manacor, to try to recover, but the sensations are far from positive.

Rafael Nadal
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Nadal himself had warned a few weeks ago

"The first goal is to try to compete. I evaluate my conditions day by day. Unfortunately, recently, it has been difficult for me to predict what will happen. I'm working on trying to start the clay court season, which is my big goal and why I'm working hard. But I can't guarantee anything. I've never stopped training, I'm trying all the time.

I feel good, but so far I haven't been able to stick to the schedule I would have liked. I hope the situation can change, but I can't say anything with certainty. I don't want to be either optimistic or negative. I have to think day by day. I didn't want to go into Indian Wells without any guarantee or ability to compete at the level I demand of myself. I wasn't ready to play a tournament like it."

In the words collected by the EFE news agency on the occasion of an event organized at the lui Foundation in Mallorca, Nadal explained that he is working hard but that he cannot yet guarantee anything to his fans.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal© David Becker / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Rafa had in fact intensified his training after deciding to skip the ATP Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami. The goal of the Spanish champion was to compete without problems throughout the season on clay, but only his body will provide him with the answers he needs.

Nadal would like to return to the court in Monte Carlo, a tournament that he has won eleven times in his career, to find that minimum level of continuity necessary for any athlete, but, as we have just said, his presence is in doubt.

The former ATP No.7 Emilio Sanchez Vicario, just a few days ago, expressed his belief that Rafael Nadal will be 100% at his best at the Roland Garros and the Olympics, in an interview with EFE.

"I don't think he will leave us. I think he will play well. I think he is a little afraid because the operation bothers him. But if he starts competing on clay he will no longer be afraid because he will start competing and he will get back into shape.

I believe that at Roland Garros and the Olympic Games he will be at 100%. As long as he doesn't have other physical problems. For me it's more of a battle with yourself.

Because when he went to Australia he played well. But he played a match in which he felt a little bad and was very worried. But on earth he will do much less harm,” he told.

After his appearance in the super exhibition match played in Las Vegas on March 3 against Carlos Alcaraz, Nadal seemed ready to take to the court in the United States. However, the Majorcan champion announced with great regret on his social media that he was forced to give up the American swing.

"It is with great sadness that I have to withdraw from this fantastic Indian Wells tournament. Everyone knows how much I love this place and how much I love playing here. This is also one of the reasons why I came to the desert very early to train and try to prepare.

However, after working hard and having a test last weekend I don't feel ready to play at my highest level in such an important tournament. This isn't an easy decision, but I can't lie to myself and thousands of fans. I will miss you very much and I am sure that the tournament will still be a great success," he told.

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