Rafael Nadal reveals a sensational retrospective on his future

The Spanish champion revealed why he didn't want a ceremony at Roland Garros

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal reveals a sensational retrospective on his future
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A new detail has emerged regarding the missed ceremony for Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. In an interview with

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal © Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

L'Équipe, the Spaniard revealed how he had in fact initially agreed to the ceremony, in case he lost to Alexander Zverev, but then changed his mind at the last minute.

"At first I said yes, but at the last minute I realized that I didn't want to. It would have hurt me to announce that it would be my last time in this tournament knowing that I didn't have the opportunity to prepare as I would have liked. Nothing stops the tournament from waiting another year. If the tribute takes place when I have already retired, I will participate as a retired player. Before starting Roland Garros I wasn't sure of anything," he told.

"After seeing the draw with Zverev I didn't think it was an impossible mission, but I knew it would be tough. I arrived with several doubts due to the disastrous defeat in Rome. At the same time, I still arrived more prepared. Everything, however, went differently: the draw, the indoor playing conditions and I faced a great player who then reached the final. I wasn't able to take advantage of the opportunities that could have changed the game.

Naturally the emotion was immense, as always it is very difficult to describe the emotions I feel when I enter that pitch. Sport is above all about results, but I gave importance to other things and it was a week in which I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed every moment. I arrived too late in the form that I already wanted to reach before the start of the Monte Carlo tournament. In that case, I could have dreamed of doing something different. But that's not what happened," he added.

The lack of ceremonies that accompanied Rafael Nadal's exit from the court after the defeats suffered in Rome and Paris, respectively against Hubert Hurkacz and Alexander Zverev, made a lot of noise. Everyone expected a special tribute like in Madrid, especially considering that it may have been the Spanish champion's last time in two of the tournaments that made him a legend.
But the Spaniard then explained that he is not 100% sure he will say goodbye to tennis at the end of this season.

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