Roddick shares brutal opinion Rafael Nadal's choice to skip Wimbledon

Andy Roddick explained in his podcast what Nadal could have achieved if he had chosen to play at the Championships

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roddick shares brutal opinion Rafael Nadal's choice to skip Wimbledon
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"The last two years have been difficult, I've been through a lot of complicated moments. Especially after the hip operation, in addition to the abdominal problems and without forgetting the injury I suffered in Australia. All these things made me sad. I didn't feel ready to train and play as I would have liked, but there has been an important evolution lately. I perhaps arrived at Roland Garros in my best moment of the last two years;" said Rafael Nadal in an exclusive interview given a few days ago to L'Équipe.

Reluctantly, the Spaniard had to give up Wimbledon, to preserve his health in view of the Paris Olympics, a tournament that will be played on his beloved courts of the Roland Garros Stadium. Nadal, after his elimination in the first round of the French Open against Alexander Zverev, decided to avoid a double change of surface (from clay-grass to grass-clay), trying to avoid the dangers that the clay-grass change could undermine the the Spaniard's health, already put to the test by physical problems, again this year.

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Andy Roddick talked about this decision in his podcast Served with Andy Roddick, explaining how, according to the American legend, Rafa could have played at Wimbledon and won matches.

"Nadal made the right decision, but in my head, I'm thinking about it, I don't know if I fully believe it, but that might be his best bet to win a Slam or get to a last four, right now, including even the clay. So based on what his body is capable of doing, the movement, the speed, he gets a little help in the serve, all the adjustments he has to make, for his body now, are kind of adjustments he'll have to make on grass anyway, I'm happy we'll see him again. Rafa could have won matches and run at Wimbledon if he chose to play. Changing surfaces sucks for the body from building up reserves on clay, to grinding out matches, to your body work, and all of a sudden you're dealing with lower back problems on grass because you're bending and turning and that's not necessary for him," explained Roddick

Returning to the Spaniard's interview with L'Equipé, Nadal added: "The sensations felt in the last few weeks have made me want to go even deeper to see what can happen. I'm rediscovering the pleasure of playing tennis, of having fun. I want to give myself the opportunity to see if my physique stays at this level or if this is just a passing thing. I want to see how I will feel after the Olympics, then we will understand what happens. I will make a decision about my future with great serenity, thinking that I have always given my best. I always said this would be my last year, but I'm not sure because you never know what can happen in the future."

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