Lukas Rosol warns Rafael Nadal: ´he takes way too much time between points´

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Lukas Rosol warns Rafael Nadal: ´he takes way too much time between points´

In a re-match of the encounter that went on to be remembered as one of the matches with the most unpredictable outcome didn't bring luck to Lukas Rosol. The Czech, who stunned Rafal Nadal in the second round of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships (check all results clicking on the link), fell at the same stage of the tournament against the World No.1 exactly two years after.

Lukas didn't take the loss too well, as he decided to speak out and complain about Nadal's habit to take extra time within the points. "I think all players should take the same time withing the points" told the Czech, referring to the rule that wants all players making sure to have the ball back in play a maximum of 25 seconds after the previous point is decided.

"Only the best players take more time compared to the other "normal" players" continued an upset Rosol, "and the really bad thing about it is that no one tells them anything about it. When the match resumed he (Nadal) would always take at least one entire minute.

He always does all of his rituals. Somebody should really tell him something. I asked the umpire if everything was okay, if the thing was normal, and he told me to keep playing because everything was fine". Just to add more to the plot, Lukas is also confident about Nadal's dose of luck on Thursday match: "I double faulted right on the set point of the second set, in a moment when there was a lot of wind.

Rafa was playing very well, but if I were to go 2-0 things would have been different. On a score of 1-1 the match is still completely open". ALSO READ: John Isner last American man left in the draw Highlights of Federer's victory over Muller Wimbledon's Friday Order of Play