Rafael Nadal to His Fans: ´The Best Rivalry? Federer vs Djokovic!´

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Rafael Nadal to His Fans: ´The Best Rivalry? Federer vs Djokovic!´

Two days ago, Rafael Nadal had fun playing poker with people coming from all different parts of the world, all rigorously online. While playing, the World No.3 took a chance to answer some of his fans' questions using the hashtag #AskRafa.

The content of the entire night was made available on YouTube, a sort of training for Rafael, who on November 6th will fly to London to face the phenomenon Ronaldo. "I will kill him" joked Rafa with his followers. Here are some of the best answers given by the 9-time French Open champion to his fans.

The best rivalry he enjoys following on the tennis circuit? "Djokovic vs. Federer" answered Nadal, who watched his two rivals competing in the semifinals of Shanghai and who defined the match "unbelievable". The most important tournament for Rafael remains the French Open: "The French Open is the tournament where I feel the most pressure to compete at my best".

Continuing to talk about clay, Nadal was asked if he remembered ever losing 6-0 on clay in his career. "Yes it happened," said Rafa. "But I don't remember where". (We went through the records, and Nadal didn't lose a set 6-0 only once on clay in his career, but the first time for him happened in 2002, when very young he faced Alan Mackin).

A Slam tournament that Rafa will hardly forget is the Australian Open 2012, because "it was a special final, very hardly fought". The tennis player who can play better than him at Poker? "My friend Marc Lopez". Finally Nadal was asked about his future far from the tennis courts, and Rafael reassured his fans saying that: "It is still some years away..." ALSO READ Tennis World France

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